I have given several talks and workshops accross the country over the last several years.  My two primary non-mutually exclusive topics are (1) using technology in (and out) of the classroom and (2) using the inverted classroom.  While I use both technology and the inverted classroom in my math (college-level and “developmental”) and statistics classes, I have given talks to a general audience as well as those who teach math and statistics.

Recent Publications

McDaniel, S. (2011). Inverted Classroom Model. TexMATYC News. Fall 2011 pp 4-5. (PDF)

McDaniel, S. & Caverly, D. (2010). Techtalk: The Community of Inquiry Model for an Inverted Developmental Math Classroom Journal of Developmental Education. (pdf)

McDaniel, S., & Green, L. (2012) Using Applets and Video Instruction to Foster Students’ Understanding of Sampling Variability Technology Innovations in Statistics Education 6(1).

McDaniel, S., & Green, L. (2012). Independent Interactive Inquiry-based Learning Modules using Audio-visual instruction in statistics. Technology Innovations in Statistics Education (in press).

Green, L., McDaniel, S., & Rowell, G. (2005). Online Resources for non-statisticians teaching statistics. Journal of Online Learning and Teaching, 1(2).

McDaniel, S. (2004). Which instructor variables affect course quality? Personal communication by Robb Kelly who is the managing editor of Online Cl@ssrooms: Ideas for effective online instruction.

Presentations and workshops–Here are some related presentations

Inverted classroom presentations and workshops:

McDaniel, S. (March 2012). The Community of Inquiry Model for an Inverted Math Classroom. Presentation given at ICTCM, Orlando, FL. Handout

McDaniel, S. (March, 2011). The Inverted Classroom: Technology as Lever. Presentation given at ICTCM, Denver CO.

McDaniel, S. (Feb 2011). An Inverted Developmental Math Course: A Community of Inquiry. Presentation given at the Annual NADE conference, Orlando, FL

McDaniel, S. (2011) Bringing Technology into the Modern Classroom workshop for Lee College, TX.

Conducted a 2-day workshop at San Jacinto Community College on Statway, which is a course that combines developmental algebra and introductory statistics and gave a talk and workshop on the inverted classroom, which encourages instructors to develop online material that should be viewed prior to attending the class

McDaniel, S. (Feb, 2011). The Inverted Classroom: Getting Students to Come Prepared. Presented at National Association for Developmental Education, Washington DC.

McDaniel, S.  (March 2009). Upside down and inside out: Flip-flopping a traditional math course. Presented at National Association for Developmental Education, Greensboro, NC.

McDaniel, S. (Oct, 2009). A Mathematician’s Jeremiad: Death of the In-class Lecture, Presented at the 25th Annual Tennessee Association for Developmental Education, Dickson, TN.

McDaniel, S. (May 2010).  College Prep Professional Development Workshop: Death of the In-Class Lecture.  Workhsop (4 day) given at San Jacinto Community College, Pasadena, TX.

McDaniel, S. (March 2010).  Course redesign with technology: Death of the in-class lecture.  Presentation give at a precession for International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics, Chicago, IL.

McDaniel, S. (Sept. 2009).  Changing the traditional paradigm for teaching: How to get students to come prepared.  Faculty development workshop given at Southwest Michigan College, Dowagiac, MI.

Technology-Related Presentations (software inlcudes Camtasia, SnagIT, and Winplot as well as Java applets):


Tips for teaching and inverted class (originally an email that I thought might be useful to others):

Here is how my stats class is set up from start to finish


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