Math 1000 Projects

Listed below are examples of projects for Math 1000.  Here is an sample project evaluation criteria that you are free to use.

1.  iCost Student Handout (pdf)| iCost Lesson Guide (pdf) | Multimedia

Objectives: Write the equation of the line between two points, Solve linear equations in one variable, understand function as an input and output, interpret y = mx +b as a linear function, construct linear functions.

How much do Apple products cost, and is their pricing linear? In this lesson, we’ll use just two data points—e.g. the 16GB ($499) and 32GB ($599) iPad—to answer a range of questions, from how much the 64GB model should cost to what size iPad you could get for $1086.50.

2. Cattle Grazing Handout | Cattle Grazing-Lesson Guide


Investigating the area of a rectangle with different dimensions and determining the dimensions that will maximize that area.

3.  Cell Phone


4.  Humerus


5. Walking Rate


6.  Polynomials and Functions: Investigating Area and Perimeter of a Rectangle

Objective(s): The purposes of this project are to use polynomials to write perimeter and area functions and to display these symbolically, numerically and graphically.

7.  Can Music Kill You? Has lesson guide, multimedia and student handout.

Is there a relationship between music tempo & heart rate?  If so, could a fast enough song cause you to have a heart attack, and could this explain why so many rock stars die young? We’ll listen to songs of various speeds and use linear equations to determine what effect they have on our heart, if any.

Other Resources:  Has several projects at different levels. Use the search filter to help.


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